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augustus 24, 2014
Joris Mooijman

What is TransFollow?
TransFollow is an online platform allowing you to submit, exchange, track and sign a consignment note digitally. The information about the consignment of goods is sent digitally and in real time. This means that documents no longer need to be processed and/or scanned. In addition, the information is immediately available. Sender, shipper and/or consignee can track the entire process at all times. Senders, carriers, shippers and consignees all use the same tool. And as has often been shown in the recent past, standardisation brings with it efficiency and extensive cost savings. TransFollow replaces the CMR consignment note, which is now eighty years old, as the standard, thus allowing the transport and logistics industry to operate more efficiently and effectively.

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TransFollow [ case: ] TransFollow [ case: ]